General conditions of service

Terms and conditions

1. Submitted reproduction material must be arranged accordingly with the guidelines on the prepress review, which can be found here.

2. Artwork layout design and prepress review is charged in accordance with the sent proposal, with respect to client's request.

3. The price in the proposal is increased by 10% in case the client does not allow standard discrepancy of the purchased quantity or colour (standard discrepancy adds up to 4%).

4. The client is obliged to review received product and return it, if it differs from the original order. Reclamation should be sent in the written form, max. 8 days from the product delivery date, and the manufacturer holds right to review the returned product. The manufacturer shall try to settle the reclamation as agreed with the client. In case where the reclamation is a consequence of delivering PDF files or prepress review files not made in accordance with the manufacturer's guidelines for the prepress review, the reclamation will not be taken into account.

5. The preflight service is included in the proposal (format, 300dpi resolution, website setup), but any additional service of a graphic setup or interventions into supplied material at client's request, is charged extra (accurate crop mark and bleed measurements, embedded writings, overprint, PDF standard usage, letter, image and graphic sharpness).

6. We do not review content supplied by the client, and thus do not hold responsibility for any content inaccuracies. If there was no wrriten request for our additional review, we do not hold responsibility for printed inaccuracies which are a direct result of an improper prepress review.

7. You can pick up your products at the location of Silveco printshop (Stegne 3, 1000 Ljubljana). You can choose our delivery service or post office shipment when ordering or upon your enquiry. The delivery expenses are stated within the proposal or in line with the agreement, while the post office delivery is charged as defined in the Post of Slovenia pricelist.

8. The delivery term is defined within the proposal. In case of force majeur or any other objective reason, you will be notified of changes in due course, and the new delivery term will be reached as agreed with you. Nonetheless, manufacturer has a right to extend the delivery term during the period of force majeur or for other objective reason. Force majeur or objective reason are defined as occurencess, which were unforseeable or inevitable at the moment of emerging.

9. Business hours are from Monday to Friday from 7:30 to 16:00. Saturdays, Sundays and state holidays are not working days. Delivery term does not include Saturdays, Sundays and state holidays. Prepress review delivery term depends on the amount of work and the performance vacancy.

10. If the order is completed prior to the defined delivery term, the proposed price is increased in line with the agreement or by 20%, if there was no special agreement.

11. If your products are being used for printing, ullage of 3% of all products has to be taken into account. The value for your products, which could be damaged during the printing process, cannot be reimbursed. If your products are being used for printing, we cannot guarantee print durability and do not take responsibility for any possible changes on the product, as a consequence of the printing itself.

12. The proposal which includes standard material expenses is valid for 30 days from the proposal date. After the above mentioned period, in case where repro material prices have changed, we reserve rights to change the proposed price. All prices in the proposal or within any type of communication, which is connected to Silveco Ltd, do not include VAT expenses, which are charged separately, if not specified differently with each separate price.

13. Order confirmation is carried out through the order form sent via email, fax or ordinary post delivery. After the order has been processed, it is considered that the client has agreed with these general conditions of service, which are publicly available on our website.

General terms and conditions of the Silveco company are in accordance with the provisions of the General Law for the protection of consumer.

Terms and conditions for prepress review

1. Graphic design

Artwork layout for printed material can be basic or more complex in nature, depending on your wishes and our evaluation. Graphic design for printed matters namely signifies computer placing and layout positioning of all necessary graphic elements, such as logos, images and photographs, text, etc..The client is obliged to deliver all existing material necessary for the appropriate design outcome (logos, images, text, etc.). The client will receive the final product for print preview, which should be reviewed and confirmed prior to the printing itself. After the printing is finished, possible reclamations will not be taken into account. Silveco company is allowed to charge extra expenses, if the designer puts extra work into the project according to client's wishes, in addition to the previously agreed work, such as general consulting on the colours, text, slogans, logo drawings in vector format, photographying or photo processing.

2. Corrections

Artwork layout corrections of printed materials, logos or advertisments signify smaller corrections of the text, graphic elements, colour composition and settings. If we evaluate that the requested corrections according to the client's wishes and needs exceed regular time limit for the graphic design corrections, extra expenses will be charged. In such cases you will be delivered a new invoice, which includes full expenses for the previously requested service. Prices for the printing service, which include artwork layout service, usually imply 2 corrections, unless defined differently in the proposal. Any further corrections or changes should be requested in the written form, and will be charged extra.

3. Order change

After the client's prepress review conformation, every new order change and a new correction of the previously confirmed printing draft, will be counted as a new order, thus you will be sent a new invoice, and the previously requested service will be fully charged.

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