About Silveco company

SILVECO d.o.o. is a company that has been active since 1989 in the fields of printing and graphic design. It was founded on 19th November, 1989, in Ljubljana as a company working in market engineering and production. SILVECO is active at two locations. The company seat is on Seliškarjeva cesta 36 in Grosuplje and the business unit Studio Orca and the main production line and graphic studio are on Stegne 3 in Ljubljana.

For the last 20 years it has been of the utmost importance for us that we constantly upgrade and update our graphic activities and adapt them to demands of the market. We keep in step with trends in the graphic industry and we try to ensure the highest quality of our products. With our products and services we wish to offer you innovativeness, creativity and uniqueness. For this reason we offer you through our innovative technologies various solutions for your ideas, from the planning phase on and right up to the final product or service. Our services include graphic design, digital printing, offset printing, personalization of prints, improvement of prints and more.

Our mission

SILVECO is a client and environment oriented company, which produces quality products in the fields of printing and graphic design. We design and cooperate at some of the most complex projects, which are connected with modern marketing methods. Our services achieve the high environmental standards of the so called ecological printing houses, at the same time they save our costumers’ time and money.

Why are we the best choice?


We use innovative digital and offset printing machines with big and small formats, which ensure quality prints.


Did you remember something in the last moment? No problem, you can entrust the order to us. We will carry it out as quickly as possible.

Low prices

With our various techniques of printing we guarantee prints at low prices. The combination of digital and offset printing is very inexpensive, depending of course on the number of prints you wish.

Environmentally fiendly

SILVECO represents through production and working processes and through usage of cleaner printing techniques a friendly attitude towards nature.

Our offer

Our main goals in the company SILVECO are ensuring high quality of our products and services, quick responsiveness, low prices and availability to our clients. Our offer consists of catalogues, brochures, books, instructions, flyers, tickets, posters, banners, advertisement signs, business cards, business forms, magazines, leaflets, coupons, journals, memos, envelopes, stickers from various materials, folders, schedule planners, calendars, notebooks, signs, advertising boards, maps, paper coating with different materials (kapa, Forex, Dibond, wavy cardboard …), paper bags, printing on tarpaulin, plastering of vehicles, and much more. We also replicate CDs and DVDs along side with all of the packaging such as CD and DVD inlays and eco packs.